ACC Highland Campus-Student Focused

ACC Highland Campus

Austin Community College, the new Highland campus welcomed students and media for a “sneak peek” tour of the facility. Despite the dust and workers, everyone who attended was able to learn about the different upgrades coming to assist students with their studies. The Highland Campus is located in the former JC Penney building. The tour was lead by Dorado M. Kinney, Dean of Student Services, the Department leaders and the architects.

The Highland campus will offer great learning spaces from the outdoor North Terrace to the over 600 square foot ACCelerator and learning lab space. It is a high tech lab with 600 plus computer stations. Students will be able to learn individually and in a group session. There are also breakout rooms for more individual learning space.

The Developmental Math course is the highlight of the ACCelerator. It will allow students to reach college level math at their own pace. The ACCelerator is a student driven space. While students study their math, they will have access to instructors and tutors walking the floor to assist with their needs. A student will have the capability of completing their math course in one semester. It is a very flexible space, the length of a football field, the hub of student learning.

The architecture is a green and sustainable space. The building is structured to bring in natural light through a 170 ft skylight that brings light down through the second floor to the first floor. ACC Highland is a wonderful facility that will enrich the students’ learning and will empower them to reach for their dreams.

For more information about the Highland Campus, visit What an awesome campus to study and grow!

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine

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