Update: Who Is Hanna LaShay?


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Who is Hanna Lashay?

Hanna LaShay (iamhannalashay) is a 15 year old, currently living in Round Rock, Texas. She is an American Vocalist, Song Writer, Model, Actress, Makeup Artist, Award Winning Teen Entrepreneur and Activist. Her style is a mixture of Neo-Soul, Alternative and Pop.

Ujima : When did you realize you wanted to sing?

iamhannalashay: When I was a toddler I used to run around the house humming and blabbering random melodies. My mom always had music playing. At family gatherings my mom would ask me to sing for everyone. When I saw how everyone reacted, I figured, if I could do this on a small scale, I could do this on a larger scale.
When I was around nine or ten, I envisioned myself standing on an enormous stage singing in front of thousands of people. I want to make people feel good. I want to make people think.

Ujima: Can you describe what it feels like to be on stage?

iamhannalashay: Being onstage for me is where I feel most free, but also open. It is as if everything you need to know about me is written on an invisible chalkboard behind me. I really like to pick up on the various rays of energy that the people are carrying within themselves. And if they have a lot of positive energy, then we usually have loads of fun. It’s more of an open kind of vibe, where everything is just free spirited and we don’t have a care in the world. I love those types of crowds.

Ujima: Do you write your own songs?

iamhannalashay: Yes! Yes, most definitely. I’d rather have music that’s written by me rather than someone else, it’s authentic that way. You get to hear words that actually came from my mind and not someone else’s head. It’s quite strange actually, because I sing “Neo Soul and R&B, but the music I have already written is way different from that. But I don’t want to talk about original music too much and give away all the good stuff..

Ujima: Name an artist that inspires you and why?

iamhannalashay: Hands down SZA. For starters she’s a Goddess. Her music is so dope. The vibe, the instruments and technical effects that make up her music are amazing. Her lyrics are not talking about booty popping in the club and calling women anything other than their names. She talks about things in her music that make you just sit back and reevaluate life in general. I guess you could say I love intellectual people, I feel intelligence should just be a given.

Ujima: Are you currently working on any projects?

iamhannalashay: Currently I’m actually working on my album and also pushing to release a makeup line.

Ujima: For your fans where will Hanna be performing next?

iamhannalashay: I will be opening for Anthony David on his Simple Man Tour in Austin on August 1st. Then I will be performing at the Ladies RoundTable 3 Day Convention in Dallas on August 16th.

Hanna’s aspirations for entertainment are twofold. While Hanna loves to express herself through performance, she also likes to use her public platform to inspire teens all over the world. She was awarded the Teen Entrepreneur Award for her company ” Hanna’s Handmade Handbows” from the Austin Black Chamber of Commerce. A company she uses as a bridge to encourage teen girls and further her anti-bullying platform. As a Makeup Artist, she decided to begin a Makeup Business with Motives Cosmetics.
Hanna shared the stage at the Austin Urban Music Festival with her band, SWV, Morris Day and The Time and also sang background for Kool and the Gang. She performed at The Austin Jazz Festival, The 96.3 RNB Soul Lounge and The 2014 Sisters Tri-ing 5K Marathon, The Rooftop Sip n’ Social, The KAZI 88.7 Summerfest, The Armed Forces Natural Hair Expo, The 2013 Sisters Tri-ing 5K Marathon, The African American Firefighters Ball and several other events.
Hanna has graced the runway as a teen fashion model for Austin Fashion Week 3 consecutive years since her debut. She has also modeled for Haja Scott’s Fashion Fusion Runway Show, Dress Austin 2013, Fashion Atlantis hosted by Bianca Golden of America’s Top Model and Fashion Designer Jonathan Kayne, Austin RAW Runway Show, Andre Terry Time Capsule of Fashion Show 2014 and several other local Fashion Shows.
In addition to runway, Hanna has also been featured in print, video and online national campaigns for Designer Isabella Rose Taylor shot by Celebrity Photographer, David Heisler. Hanna is a spokesmodel for several clothing and jewelry companies such as Dee Jewels, Certified Dress Code, Bornatty and many more. Her acting credits include the U Better Sing PBS web series, appearances on the Onyx web/ television production by the Delirium Entertainment Company, a Chevy Commercial, and commercials for the Shea Moisture/Naturally Curly Brands. Hanna won Best Supporting Actress in the Round Rock Independent school district competition.

Hanna’s most valued quote is:
” If you have to change who you are, for your presence to be appreciated then you are doing something wrong. Simply be you. “

Follow this teen sensation on all social media outlets @iamhannalashay. For bookings, contact her at i.am.hanna.lashay@gmail.com.

~Be happy with being you, love your flaws, own your quirks, and know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.~

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Shametra McGregor, Ujima Entertainment and Community Writer.

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