Author Angel Jefferson -Unstoppable Steps

Author Angel Jefferson
Author Angel Jefferson

Angel is a Wife, Mother, Friend, Entrepreneur & a Woman after God’s own heart. She certainly does not look like what she’s been through. Her passion and calling is to help women and teens unlock their purpose in the Kingdom of God. Through God’s grace, she has conquered a life that was setup to leave her stagnated. The calling on her life is to empower, edify and equip women of all ages to be effective in every area of their lives (Family, Ministry & Business).

Affectionately known as the voice of inspiration, Angel is charged to Ignite & Inspire you to shake off mediocrity and Live By God’s Design, Abundantly!! In service to the King, she serves with honor in multiple areas of ministry at Agapé Christian Ministries in Austin and Round Rock, TX, under the direction & great leadership of her Spiritual Parents Bishop LA & Elder Lisa Wilkerson. It is her heart’s desire to be a Woman of Integrity as she strives daily to be a Proverbs 31 woman and a servant God can trust!

She is married to her Boaz, whom she likes to call her “lifetime boyfriend” Jamar Sr., affectionately known as BigEasy Da Barber. Together, they have 3 sons: Justin (17), Jamar Jr. (9), and Jajuan (5).
Angel is In pursuit of reaching all of her goals and dreams which includes her business, Kingdom Ladies Apparel and the highly anticipated publishing of her first book, Unstoppable Steps: Whose Shoes Are You Wearing?


Ujima Magazine : Who is Angel?

Angel:    I am someone who has endured yet conquered the adversity set before me. I am a wife, mother, motivational powerhouse & friend.

Ujima Magazine :  What brought on the idea of you writing a book?

Angel:    About 5 years ago, I was coming out of a really dark place and I said to myself, this mess should be documented…then about 6 months later, the Holy Spirit said before you document that I need you to document the life I spared. I thought, Lord, I can’t do that…those people will judge me. So, I put it down for a couple of years. About two years ago, I said, Lord I surrender my ALL to you, use me to minister to your people. God said, do the assignment I set before you and then I will take you to another level in ministry.

Ujima Magazine: What’s the name of your book and can you share what it feels like to be a published Author?

Angel:  My book is titled, Unstoppable Steps: Whose shoes are you wearing? Its kind of surreal, you know. I am still taking it all in. I sometimes just sit and cry in excitement that something of this magnitude has been accomplished.

Ujima Magazine : Do you have an ultimate goal set for your outcome of this book?

Angel:  YES! My goal is to see the lives of every woman and teen transformed and to live out their designed purpose, to travel state to state sharing my story and letting God’s daughters know that if He can spare my life, He can do it for them!

Ujima Magazine : If someone is searching for their purpose. What is the wisdom you would share with them?

Angel: You never know what it takes for someone to have what they have; they may make the struggle look good, and walking in their shoes may just TAKE YOU OUT!  Walk in your own shoes and DO YOU! God made you a DESIGNER ORIGINAL! The commercial always look better on TV….


Book signing Event:

August 30, 2014

Parkside Crossing-Clubhouse, 3400 Shoreline

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