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By Sarabeth Flowers

 College Nannies and Tutors (CN+T) of Cedar Park recently opened with a sole purpose in mind: to build stronger families. Shannon Johnson, the owner and general manager, understands the inordinate pressure placed on working parents. Before opening CN+T, Johnson worked in the corporate world for many years, balancing the relationship between work and home life. “When my daughter was in elementary school, I remember looking at my watch every minute after 5 pm thinking ‘I’ve got to go pick up my daughter from daycare’ in the middle of an important meeting. Then when my daughter started middle school in 6th grade and she was too old for daycare and too young to stay at home by herself, I struggled to find other options.” Johnson said.  “I was able to pull together family and friends to help out but there were some days she had to just stay home by herself after middle school because no one was available.  It would have been so nice if I had an after school nanny to help her out, keep her company, help with homework and take her to extracurricular activities until I got home.” Johnson is opening CN+T in Cedar Park to address this dilemma. With the grand opening of the learning center at this Cedar Park location on September 18 from 4:30 – 7 pm, Johnson is dedicated to helping support the influx of families in Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock, and surrounding communities. At the grand opening event, there will be music, bounce house, balloon artist, and refreshments for the entire family.

Immediately when you walk into the new Learning Center, you will notice a modern, organized and open-concept space. Johnson’s desk is not far from the tutoring area and she interacts warmly with each family that arrives in the office. This open concept doesn’t put students behind the confines of walls or cubicles. Younger students are free to sit on the learning floor, older students can be taught from rolling whiteboards, creating an educational space that is inviting, personal and collaborative. On the wall, there is the phrase that has become the heart of College Nannies and Tutors: Building Stronger Families. Johnson explains it this way: “A stronger family means spending quality time together. If you just got home from work and you’re trying to help your child with homework, start dinner, and clean the house all at the same time, you are not going to have the quality family time that you need.” For Johnson, building a stronger family means changing the stigma around nannies and tutors. A tutor will make a strong student even stronger and a nanny will make a strong family even stronger.

The CN+T Learning Center focuses on advanced Math, Science and English homework help including AP level classes. The Learning Center also specializes in PSAT, SAT and ACT college test prep for high school students. The difference between CN+T and other learning centers is 1-on-1 tutoring with college students. Johnson states “Students respond very well to college students and recent college graduates that can relate to the competitive nature of today’s academic environment.”  CN+T requires all nannies and tutors to have college credits or college degrees in order to work with families.

Another key to championing families in the area is providing role models for each student.  “All CN+T employees must have mentoring, childcare, teaching or tutoring experience. We have a customized approach rather than a cookie-cutter philosophy,” Johnson said. “Whether a family needs a nanny or a tutor, we understand each student is unique and may require something different.”  CN+T uses a role model matching method to find the best nanny or tutor for a family. Although most of the staff is college students or recent graduates, they also employ former teachers, substitute teachers and stay-at-home moms.  It’s all about matching the right nanny/tutor with the right family and a family may request a nanny with 10+ years experience or a tutor with a teaching certificate.

Working parents are busy.  Students are busy.  Meetings run late at work.  Students have multiple extracurricular activities off-site after school.  Shannon Johnson and her team understand the dynamics of the daily juggle and are looking to restore quality time back to the lives of local families.

About College Nannies and Tutors

College Nannies and Tutors is the nation’s most complete resource for customized nanny and tutoring services. With strong and dedicated local ownership, College Nannies and Tutors has been Building Stronger Families® nationwide since 2001, in the Austin-area since 2007 and in the Cedar Park community since 2014 by providing role models from cradle to college. For more information on our full-service childcare solutions or customized tutoring for college bound students, call 512-818-7976, contact us at or visit


For Details, contact:           

Shannon Johnson           

Owner and General Manager        

College Nannies + Tutors | Cedar Park

11901 West Parmer Lane, Suite 220

Cedar Park, TX 78613              

Tele: 512-818-7976


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