Ujima Magazine Birthday Memories: Courtney Sanchez (Santana) and Daniel and David Poku

Courtney Sanchez (Santana) 2009
Courtney Sanchez (Santana) 2009

When I met Courtney Sanchez (Santana), who was recently remarried, Ujima was captivated by her strong will and ability to escape a harsh life of abuse from her children’s father. But throughout her struggle, she found music and the heart to help other women who were also going through a tough time. She continues to sing and advocate for women and men who struggle to find a new life after domestic violence has occurred.  In 2009, she left us with this quote “I want people to know this [domestic violence] goes across all economic lines, societal lines, this is an epidemic that affects everyone. If we… in our networks take a stance on it, we can make a difference.” Thanks for sharing your message of healing and music.




Daniel and David Poku 2009
Daniel and David Poku

Daniel and David Poku are twin brothers who back in 2009 had a plan and mission to change the world. They are still changing the world even though they have graduated college and found other causes to champion in life. But when we did our interview, I was impressed that they showed up in suits and ties. No one had done that. It made me realize how proud and how much they thought about what they were doing. They had founded an organization called Heroes of Tomorrow. They did community projects and it was formed at their high school. Just speaking with them you could hear their determination and excitement about making someone else’s life better. Through their church they helped the homeless. They are still two brothers with a mission. They left us with this to think about “You don’t want to be that person that says I should have done something; you want to be the person that says I did something.” They continue to change the world and continue to be the heroes of tomorrow!


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Ujima Magazine Staff

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