The 4th Annual Children and Family in Natures Workshop

Bey Acupuncture Community, Natural Education Series, and George Washington Carver Museum present

The 4th Annual Children and Family in Natures Workshop

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WHEN: 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturday, November 8th, 2014
WHERE: George Washington Carver Museum: 1165 Angelina Street, Austin, Texas 78702
WHO: Children of all ages. 40-60 families.

Bey Acupuncture and sponsors share their fantastic 4th Annual Children in Natures Workshop series this year in partnership with George Washington Carver Museum to explore and appreciate nature with children and families of all ages.
Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Herbalist, Licensed Acupuncturist, Simel Bey of Bey Acupuncture stated, “We would like to share the wisdom of nature with the community at large. In this way, roots grow strong and dreams thrive”.

Come experience: BFit Kids, The Wonders of Crystals and Stones, Kids Yoga, Organic Gardening, Kids QiGong, African Brazilian Martial Arts Capoeria Angola, Food as Medicine Booth, Makers Workshop, West African Drumming, Gift Giveaways, Free food and Local drinks, and so much more!!!


10:00 am Welcome with Simel Bey and Angela Dunn

10:15 am The Wonder of Crystals and Stones (outside) with Michael Kallstrom of Nature’s Treasures

10:25 am BFIT Kids (outside) with BFIT Kids and Jawanza Sankofa

11:00 am Juice Creation (inside) with Juju Juice and Iba Thiam

11:50 am Kids Yoga (Dance Studio) with Venus Dever

12:30 pm The Art Collective (inside) with Ashley Wearing

1:00 pm Kids’ QiGong (outside) with Fale Rishel

12:50 pm Spirit Gardening (outside)

1:25pm Capoeria Engola (outside) Free Angola Capoeria Society

1:25pm The Community Food Potluck (inside and outside)

1:35pm Storytelling, Plants, & Music with Ibrahim, Richard Curtis, and Gidi of Zoumountchi

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