New Play: 2nd Sunday, Playing For Keeps with Author Tanisha

2ND SUNDAY FLYER W PHOTOS-2There is a new play starting in Austin on November 8th playing through November 9th. The play is called 2nd Sunday, Playing For Keeps. The play comes from the book writtten by Austinite Tanisha Hooks. We have had the opportunity to interview not only Tanisha but the director and actors. We will be sharing those interviews with you throughout the next couple of weeks.  We wanted to find out more about the book and how Tanisha adapted it for the screenplay. This is our conversation with Tanisha.

Ujima: Congrats on your book 2nd Sunday. Tell us a little about the book?

Tanisha: 2nd Sunday (playing for keeps) is my 3rd novel and my absolute favorite. 2nd Sunday deals with church issue that we are all familiar with either directly or indirectly.

Beautiful, successful Simone Kelly a best selling author and faithful member of House of Praise Baptist Church has her fair share of problems, first being her abusive husband Brian and second her spirit is troubled with lustful thoughts for a love that is forbidden.

Educated, dangerously handsome down to earth Pastor of House of Praise Baptist Church in Austin TX, Pastor Kordell Taylor has his hands full with his uptight, snobby conniving wife Chloe Taylor. Being a man of God does not exempt him from temptation or unholy thoughts, Pastor Taylor is at a crossroads in his life where he has to choose between being a faithful servant of God or following his heart.

Chloe Taylor is not your average First Lady, her past keeps haunting her present and will have tremendous effects on her future. Chloe has had run-ins with everyone in the church although she grew up in the worst part of Dallas she now feels everyone is beneath her including her husband and son.

Ujima: What was the inspiration behind the book?

Tanisha: My inspiration behind this novel 2nd Sunday is to show that just because you are saved does not mean you don’t have any struggles. Sometimes we put Christians on a pedestal and when they fall short of our expectations we are ready to condemn them but we have to remember that God forgives us daily and we have to be willing to forgive the way He forgives.

Ujima: What was the process/journey having your book transition to your upcoming play?

Tanisha: Ms. Jackson is known through Austin for her plays and just overall talent, I was very confident that she could make the characters in my novel come to life. I contacted her, we set up a meeting she understood my vision, I respected her work and she created magic.

Ujima: What has been the biggest eye-opener about writing a book to making your characters come to life on stage?

Tanisha: The most eye- opening time for me was the first rehearsal, I was overwhelmed, excited, nervous, my emotions were all over the place and to see the excitement of the cast and director was touching from that point on I knew the cast would pull off a successful production. Writing the novel, re-reading the novel and discussing the novel at different events all paled in comparison to actually seeing my work being acted out with such passion is priceless.

Ujima: Do you plan to transition more of your books to a screenplay?

Tanisha; Absolutely, this is just the beginning.

Ujima: Anything else you would like to add?

Tanisha: I thank God for His mercy and Grace. I thank Ms Tawanna Jackson owner of She smiles entertainment, the super talented cast of 2nd Sunday and each individual who has supported, assisted, cried and laughed with me. Love you deeply.

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Damita Miller-Shankln

Ujima Magazine

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