Dave Hollister- The Storyteller

Dave Hollister
It is said that R&B music, has fallen in the crevices of mainstream hip-hop and rap and that it’s life expectancy is slim to none. Not when you have an artist like Dave Hollister around to remind you of why you fell in love in the first place or said, “I do”.  Dave is a storyteller and not just any storyteller. He has managed to share his life experiences and creep into the lives of the fans that listen to him as well. How many of you can relate to at least one song? From One Woman man to Destiny. He sings about commitment, love, and great possibilities. Former member of Blackstreet now solo artist Dave enters the stage with the type of energy that made you recognize why he continues to be a seasoned veteran in the R&B soul genre.
Releasing his 8th album Chicago Winds The Saga Continues. Dave’s first single Spend The Night was a declaration to his wife that was produced by Teddy Riley. Dave is an artist that continues to evolve vocally and you can most certainly hear it in his new album. With nearly 30, five star ratings on iTunes and counting since the release of his newest album in October. The fans have spoken! Dave’s presence has definitely been missed and we’re glad that he’s back with more songs to celebrate is return.
Check out Chicago Winds The Saga Continues on ITunes and Amazon. Hear the first single on the album Spend The Night.
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Shametra McGregor, Entertainment Writer

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