Dr AJohnsonThe holiday season is often a time filled with mixed emotions. Some people sit overwhelmed with tears as they hold on to memories with a desire to keep time still. However, others view the season as a time to enjoy company, family and friends and to create memories for the future. It appears that the season in many ways centers on finding what inspires…is it a person, a pursuit of a particular thing, or a place?…The inspiration is profound as it can become the determination of how or if a person decides to go on and seize the moments of time ahead of him or her. What is the point to life anyway? What is the point to any season as seasons come and go? Can our individual inspiration make a difference in the world or is it only equivalent to the sound of a fading cymbal?…Any thoughts?…What is inspiration? Is it meant to stand still or should it serve as an agent of expansion which in essence dwells within the shell of our existence? Can you reach it? Do you push others to reach for it? Indeed, inspiration is a spiritual dwelling which must be entered with humility, openness, and passion during the holiday season and in each season of our lives…. So be inspired as life has worth beyond measure. As well, allow your inspiration to propel you to a greater future than your present.

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Anthony L. Johnson, Ph.D. is a professor, clinical psychotherapist, relationship consultant, leadership strategist and author of To Be Determined, Relationship Terminology, and Strategic Planning and Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations. He educates, empowers, mentors, and motivates change in organizations and in the lives of many individuals and families and has done so for over 20 years. Dr. Johnson can be reached at or     (469) 831-4603 for seminars, speaking engagements, and book signings. Also, stay updated with Dr. Johnson’s work via the web at including information on his next publication Leadership by Day and Reflections by Night which is scheduled for release 2015.

Posted by Damita Miller-Shanklin


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