Freedom To The Slaves~The Emancipation Proclamation

We all celebrate June 19th with a parade, good food and good friends. When I was young, we would attend the parade and head to Rosewood Park for good music and the gathering of many people.

Emancipation Proclamation d267e649531354ce6556a970b1f667eaI want to share ten facts about the Emancipation Proclamation as you remember and celebrate the day.

1. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation twice. Sept. 22, 1862 and Jan. 1, 1863.
2. The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to States in the rebellion.
3. Lincoln’s advisers did not initially support the Emancipation Proclamation.
4. The Battle of Antietam provided the Union victory to issue the Emancipation.
5. The Emancipation was a firm demonstration of the President’s executive war powers.
6. The Emancipation Proclamation changed the focus of the war.
7. The Emancipation help prevent involvement of foreign nations in the Civil War.
8. The Emancipation paved the way for Blacks to fight for their freedom.
9. The Emancipation led the way for total abolition of slavery in the U. S.
10. Lincoln considered the Emancipation Proclamation the crowning achievement of his presidency.

As you celebrate the day please keep in mind these ten facts about the reason we live free today. Black People home1

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Damita Miller­Shanklin

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