Welcome To June

Beach 14409810We have survived a very rainy and tragic flooding. Ujima wishes all the families well as they recover and move forward.

June Brings New Beginnings

June brings graduations and new beginnings. I remember when I graduated from college I felt the world was open to many possibilities and discovery. Congratulations to all graduates. Your life is just beginning and your journey is ahead.

Ujima Will Celebrate

Ujima will celebrate Juneteenth, otherwise known as June 19th this month. Many will celebrate with the community parade, food, picnics, family gatherings and fun at the parks. Be safe and enjoy. Read the ten facts about the Emancipation Proclamation here.

School Is Out

School is out and kids are going to the parks, summer camps or playing video games. Be safe while enjoying yourself.

Ujima will be sharing stories that will reflect the summer fun of Austin and the community all month.

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Embrace Your Community
Damita, Publisher

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