June is Men’s Health Month~Early Detection Can Save Your Life

JUN-Mens-Health-MonthJune is Men’s Health Month. If you have a father, husband or brother you know it is difficult at times getting them to the doctor prior to the problem becoming hard to treat or a serious matter. Research has shown there are five health concerns that men and their families should be aware of and the risk factors involved. 1. Heart Disease- The risk factors are smoking, obesity and Diabetes. 2. Stroke- Risk factors are it’s the third leading killer for men. Race, Black men are at higher risk than white men, physical inactivity, and alcohol. 3. Suicide and Depression- Risk factor it is 4x likely in men,or it  plays out in anger, aggression, work burnout and midlife crisis. 4. Lung Cancer- Risk factors it is a leading cancer killer for men, second hand smoke, asbestos exposure, personal history and air pollution 5. Prostate Cancer- Risk factor it is the most common and second leading type of cancer for death in men. The factors are age, high fat diet and dairy and a lot of red meat.

If you are a male, you may want to get an annual physical for early detection of risk factors.Early detection can save your life.

2014-blackmen-standing-together Information courtesy of webmd.com.
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