Did You Get Your Immunizations?

“The Texas Department of Health has ruled that students must be current with immunizations in order to attend school unless an exemption has been filed with the school in accordance with Texas Education Code, Health and Safety, Chapter 38.0001. Unless a child’s immunizations are current when school begins on August 25, 2014, parents will be asked to obtain the needed immunizations before their child is allowed to return to school.”

Kids-going-back-to-schoolThe new school year will begin soon and by now your children should have been vaccinated for the new school year. There is a requirement that all children be immunized in order to attend school.

So please ensure your child gets their immunizations so they can start the new year out right!!!

For more information about immunizations for Austin ISD visit this site: https://www.austinisd.org/health/immunizations. Be sure you look at your specific district for details about the immunizations you may need as well.

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