It’s All In The Plan By A Fabulous Event Planner

In order to make an event more successful than most, a lot of individuals & businesses hire the services of a professional where the Event Planner turns your visions, desires and dreams into a spectacular reality. On September 9, 2006 almost nine years ago Event Planner Adeyinka A. Babatunde had a vision to explore the Event Planning Industry in which has turned into a a very successful investment. With a lot of hard work, sacrifices and determination Babatunde was allowed to open the doors to an array of visions not only for his business, but to the lives of others as they made each wedding, birthday celebration, graduation, baby dedication, engagement, wake-keeping into a very memorable occasion.

Owner PhotoToday we are interviewing Adeyinka A. Babatunde the CEO, Founder and Special Event Planner at Royal Event Consulting/Royal Balloons ‘nd Cakes, which is located in Arlington, Texas. Royal Event Consulting specializes in creating elegant, stylish, glamorous, classy, cultural as well as memorable events.

Olushola: Hello Babatunde, I am so happy to have this opportunity to interview with you and that you have taken the time in your hectic schedule to tell me and the readers about your successful business. So, tell us how did you come up with the business name?

Babatunde: I give God all of the glory for the inspiration of the name, it was at the inception of the business in 2006. Royal Balloons and Decorations, upon returning to the US, Texas precisely 2010 it changed to Royal Balloons and Catering Services to Royal Balloons ‘nd Cakes, thereafter we moved into full event planning and now have the name as Royal Ballons ‘nd Cakes doing business as Royal Event Consulting.

Olushola: How long have you been doing this type of work?

Babatunda: By September 2015 we clock 9 years to God’s glory.

Olushola: How did you get started? Cake

Babatunde: Inspiration from my dear mother and mentor who is a retired culinary instructor. Growing up she was always diligently working on wedding and event cakes, this caught my attention of course along with God’s plan and purpose for my life. I watched and learned from her, I did not stop at that I went on to pursue it academically as early as High School. I would enroll in Food and Nutrition, Home Management, I even studied Event Management in College as well as being a Hospitality Major.

Olushola: That is very impressive, you are truly blessed and fortunate to having access to a hands on instructor in your presence on a daily basis.

Olushola: Are you the sole owner?
Babatunde: To God be the glory I am the sole owner in which God has put in charge of what HE is doing in Royal Event Consulting (Royal Balloons ‘nd Cakes).

Olushola: What type of services and products do you provide?

PlacematBabatunde: Royal Balloons ‘nd Cakes is a business outfit with over 10 years of experience altogether, the official business kicked off the 9th of September 2006. We specialize in giving your event a majestic touch of class through our highly professional expertise in Event Management. Other Services include: Event Coordination, cakes for all events which are baked from scratch, event decorations (Chair covers, table linens, pipe and drapes, center piece and more, traditional wedding Engagement Narration along with snacks and pastries. We also specialize in artistic head-wrapping services for ladies.
Olushola: Do you provide classes on the head ties or the cake decorating?

Babatunde: Unfortunately we don’t provide classes at this time.

Olushola: What is the best fabric to use for the head ties?

Babatunde: I recommend Sego or Aso Oke. Headwrap

Olushola: Babatunde, I would like to thank you for this interview and please tell our readers how can they contact you for services.

Babatunde: They can reach me on: Facebook: Babatunde Adeyinka Adetokunbo
Website: Construction)

Olushola: After conducting this interview I have an even greater appreciation for the job of the Event Planner, for it is not an easy task to take on. So, be prepared to receive the very best of services/products when you contract Royal Balloons ‘nd Cakes for your special event.

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OlusholaOlushola Anyi, Chief Editor for Africa Afresh Magazine which is generated from Austin, Texas (US) and contributing writer to Ujima Magazine.

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