Thank You To Ujima’s Contributors

Typewriter 4483111496_c5fb7542bbYou have heard the saying that you can’t do things by yourself. You always need help along the way. Well, Ujima Magazine is no different. We want to celebrate all the people who have taken time out their life to share their insight about the world, their poetry, people who they find of interest and their passions.

To all of you that have written and are still writing for Ujima Magazine sharing yourself with our readers, we say “THANK YOU.” We appreciate each and every one of you and what you have shared with us and our readers.
Tabitha Hamilton, Adolph Evans, Juanita Stephens, Shawn Smith, Brazia-Crayton Payne, Susie Piper, Naomi Richard, Shametra McGregor, Kai Dupe, Heath Muhammed, Naya Jones, Tia Miller, Chiquita Harris, Artie Tobias, Shelly Page, Dr. Anthony Johnson, Rev. Leroy Hargrove, Tameka Newhouse, Olushola Odeh, Theodore Mosley, Bryan Smith, Tramekia Charleston (Loyal’Tee Speaks), Talisha Bradford, Evelina Solis and Jeanette Hill.

If for some reason we did not add your name, just know, it was just an oversight. We truly appreciate anyone and everyone for their contributions. writing-with-pen
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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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