Meet Susan Seay. A Mentor For Moms

Susan Seay HeadshotUM: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself

SS: I have lived in Austin for 19 years. My husband and I we own a successful Real Estate Investment Company. We have seven children. I have a degree in Psychology. I am a mentor and/or coach for mom’s who want to improve their relationship with their children.

UM: What is Mentor for Moms? How do you help with releasing a moms guilt?

SS: Many mothers experience being overwhelmed, depressed and anxiety , because they feel they are not doing enough. I help mothers be present and I don’t give advice but l listen. We discuss what they are saying to themselves that is negative. We slow down the thoughts and pull out the part that holds them back. I have created tools to help with the process. They are cards that can assist moms in speaking with their children, and the parenting cards help mother’s develop a better relationship with their children. One question that families really enjoy is what would you like to see us do less of? This opens up a discussion and most moms are very surprised by what they learn.When a mom ask questions of their children and sit back and let them talk, they don’t have to assume they know what is going on with them, they can hear directly from them.

By providing tools for mother’s to use, they have something tangible they can go to as a resource. Visit the link for the parenting cards. Parenting Cards

UM: What are some of the most common issues Moms face today?

SS: The most common issues that moms face today is being overwhelmed, managing their career and managing their family.  What is the root of these issues? I would say not planning for your family and how you will manage the family. Sometimes a mom feels like they are in a no- end situation because they are trying to do everything. They want to give equal time to everything in their life, but that is not possible. It causes a cave in because the mom feels the pressure. Be real intentional about the time you do spend with your child. My focus is with assisting to be an intentional parent. Don’t let the small moments get away.

UM: How does Mom Night Out online work? What should a mom expect?

SS: The Mom Night Out is an online event. It is a live event where moms connect and have a conversation about concerns or questions they may have. The moms encourage each other which is a great support. Mom’s do not have to leave the comfort of their home just connect via a link and join the conversation. Expect to come on line to a intentional conversation with ideas of how to move forward with your family. There is a new topic each time for discussion.

UM: What are some important tips you share with parents?

1. It is not just you. The challenges are universal but the struggle is optional. The challenge is real but you don’t have to struggle through it.
2. Be willing and open to getting the help you need and deserve.

The work that I do is so important to me because it is not abundantly available. There needs to be a bigger conversation than meal planning for women and mom’s. Women are executives and leaders in their home and they need to see that.

UM: Who helped you manage?

SS: We are a christian family and I thought I would have a older women in my life to give me tips and wisdom with tea. I found I could get the mentoring through the books I read or magazine articles. I read to also stay relevant and knowledgeable. I learned my family needed to know the why of our family and being clear about that. Use my resources such as books.

UM: How can someone get more information?

SS: There is a free downloadable gift on my website. This will place them on my contact list and they will get the news and announcements. The Mom’s Night Out meets the 4th Tuesday of every month.
Visit her website for more information.
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