Healthier Food Options at the Corner Store

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Corner Store 054csthourc*750xx5120-2880-0-267WE live in an age where everyone works to stay healthy either through exercise or making healthier food choices. Childhood obesity has been a topic of news as well as America’s overall obesity standing, compared to other countries. The City of Austin is leading their support to a new initiative that can change our local communities. The initiative which is named the Corner Store Initiative provides healthy food choices in our local corner stores. There are five states that are participating in this initiative. Austin is joining the likes of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island, Los Angeles, California, Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio in this fight for healthier food choices for under-served neighborhoods.

Pkaye Headshot 11703127_870658596359687_3117989886319293202_nThe Austin City Council along with the Department of Health and Human Services has dedicated $150,000 this budget year to help store owners in under-served areas provide healthy food options in their stores. In speaking with Pkaye Washington, who is an advocate and is a part of the group that is working with the City Council, Pkaye stated, “ Two months ago, as part of the field study, I walked the area of Rundberg. There were three corner stores. In these stores, we looked to see if they had things like 2% milk, fresh vegetables, grains or fruit.” What she found was it was a “sugar-town” and “sodium city.” One store owner explained to Washington the he once had the fresh vegetables and fruits, but his customers did not buy them, so he stopped carrying them. This is where “the city will need to educate the community. It will need to be a part of their marketing strategy.” she stated.

The other thing Washington took notice of during her walk of the Rundberg neighborhood was for residents who live in the area there was not any sidewalks, which can be a safety issue for mothers walking with children trying to get to the store. So there are definitely issues that need to be addressed in order for people to even access the food.

If you want to learn more about Corner Store Initiative, you can visit More At My Store . You can find more information about the passion Washington has for this initiative at KEYE Interview CampaignMiscImage_1441935790.025772

Join the fight to improve Austin’s Health!

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Photos: Google and Facebook and KEYE Interview

Damita  Miller-Shanklin

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