Shametra’s Story: Catching up with a former Little Sister

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Shametra, former Little Sister.  (Photo credit: magazine) Shametra, former Little Sister. (Photo credit: magazine)

Shametra’s laugh is warm and genuine, and complemented by smiling eyes. She’s a strong woman with a kind heart – the mark of someone who has chosen a positive life path, perhaps in spite of early challenges.  Shametra is also a former Little Sister who was matched almost 30 years ago, and she still stays in touch with her Big Sister.

“My Big Sister was such an inspiration in my life and such a great mentor. I learned a lot from her. Even [now], I’m still in touch with her. It’s as if there’s no separation between us,” Shametra says.

Looking back, her Big Sister Cynthia was a source of strength. When Shametra was just 10 years old, her mother passed away and she was reeling from the loss. Then, she met Cynthia.

“We went fishing, made popcorn balls, we would go…

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