Conquer The World

Blanton Museum Hallway 100_2805May is a beautiful month. The trees and flowers are budding and providing bright colors to gaze upon. Where I live, the weather has been a bit rainy ,mornings you are wearing a sweater and by the afternoon, you see people in shorts and t-shirts.
Change makes life interesting as each month arrives,  it may bring some good and some not so good. But life moves on.

Ujima will celebrate Mother’s Day this month. I hope you all find time to spend with your mother and make her feel like a Queen. Gifts are great but time is the best gift in my eyes.
May is Lupus Awareness Month and we will share information on this disease that impacts many lives. Other stories will be our favorite recipes and much more.

Ujima wants to congratulate all of our graduates of 2016 from all high schools and colleges. You did it!! I remember that feeling of accomplishment and now the world is all yours to conquer. Do it.

Stairwell 100_3122

Embrace Your Community

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