What Are You Getting Mom This Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day is this Sunday, May 8th. Have you gotten your gift for your mom yet?  I haven’t gotten my gift yet but as I was doing some research I wanted to share some options that may help you.

It’s hard shopping for someone who has everything,  like my mom, but I think of a theme and get something that fits that theme. My mom relaxes and watches TV a lot. So my theme is relaxation.

My five gift ideas:

1. Tea Cup/Pot Set All In One

Tea Pot IMG_2286





2. Lounge Set/PJ’s

PJ's IMG_2287


3. Bath and Body Set

Bath and Body IMG_2288


4. Good Books

Books 2 images


5. A Card

Card IMG_2289


Some may feel a card is too simple but with my mom it’s the most important gift. She  reads each card before she opens each gift. So make sure you get a card if you get nothing else.

I hope this helps as you shop for the most important person in your life…mom!

Happy Mothers Day

I hope my furry children get me a gift 🙂

Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima Magazine

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Photos from Pinterest and Google

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