The Benefits of a Bully by L.A. Kendrick

Book Cover Kendrick GKG_rCuH.png_large Kendrick’s recent book was released on April 22, 2016. The Benefits of a Bully is a story told from a 11 yr old’s point of view. His grammar is spoken in the way young kids talk when they try to sound like adults from time to time.

Sedale, and Sterling have to use every means to avoid the bully Dexter, well at least Sterling does. So Sedale issues a challenge to stop the bully Dexter, from his rampage on the kids at school. There is a local video game tournament that, will provide the battle ground. Also strangers are appearing at school and children are disappearing without a trace, some right from their homes, by an unseen force called the Moja a.k.a. “The closet walker.” When these three kids hit the scene look out world.

If you want to find an alternative way to deal with bullies then look no further. Complete with morals, ethics, manners, and pride the story will surely produce a story for the ages and the twist is one that you won’t see coming even through Sterling’s glasses.

The book is available at Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble, Ingram and Taylor, BAM, Kindle, Nook. These characters represent all walks of life, every young person has a relateable face.

This is one of 6 books that I have published 3 novels, Destiny vs Chaos, Sky Hammer, The Paradox of Pain, 2 comic books, The Battle for Stonehenge and The Trials of Shabazz.

The Benefits of A Bully is $10.99 on Amazon and $8.99 at Barnes and Noble Kindle and Nook downloads $3.99 There is also an incredible contest on my link ‪ …‬ we have to inspire the youth but be fair in showing characters they can relate to!

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Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima Magazine

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