The Six Key Questions To Ask About Branding

Are You Purposefully Branding?

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In March, Jane Sanford of Thrive Simple, spoke at the Community Spotlight and Networking with Ujima event.

She was a dynamic speaker and we all took away a tip or two that will help us improve our branding for our businesses. We enjoyed the “couch talk” and these are the tips I wanted to share with all of you.
The Six Key Questions To Ask About Branding:
1. What is the ultimate vision for your business?

2. Brand Feeling
What do you want people to feel when they encounter your brand? i.e. cheerful, inspired, comfortable, etc.

3. Brand Experience
If you have a physical space,
envision what it will look like, objects in the space, the smell. If you are online, the font and colors you choose will make an impact. What and how does the images represent your brand?

4. Brand Values
What values does your brand represent? i.e. power, benevolence, tradition, etc.
5. Brand Personality
What traits represent your brand? i.e. friendly, elegant, honorable, etc.

6. Bring your brand to life
Look at your brand and ways you can show it!

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If you want more information about purposeful branding, you can visit the website of Kaye Putnam, branding wizard at
If you want to reach out to Jane for services, you can reach her at

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Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima Magazine

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