Short and Sweet Friday

Short and Sweet Friday

Welcome, Ujima Friends to Short and Sweet Friday.

Short and Sweet Friday highlights our week and gives you some information and resources that you can use.

This is what happened this week:

Website Stories ICYMI:

Laptop HNCK9016

 How About Daytripping?

Manos-De-Cristo Back To Schoo Event 

What Do You Know About The Zika Virus?

Resources: if you are like most business owners keeping your social media platforms current, can take time out of your day. With Quuu it provides curated content that is used with your Buffer account. Check it out!


shout out

Kita Bryant

Site Links-,

Why the shout out?- I was introduced to Kita through a mutual friend Donna Johnson (@callherdonna) when they held a Twitter chat.

Every Tuesday I look for her “Talk Tuesday” newsletter. She discusses several things but I read the business tips from her blog. This saves me time in having to visit her site each week. The tips are practical and usable. Her newsletter is fun and no fluff, which I love.

I have made changes to my social media plan because I read her newsletter. When you visit her site, make sure you sign up for her newsletter.

Thanks Kita

#ujima2016 #btsfriday #sasf @itsreallykita


Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima

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