A League Of Her Own

Mentor Florence Maxwell talks candidly love faith, and encouragement. Florence was my first cover and the first magazine released. I was so proud to put her on the inaugural issue because she was my mentor. She taught me about building relationships with people, being confident and being the best I can be. This is snippets from her story featured in September 2008. Florence spoke about … Continue reading A League Of Her Own

Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!

Ujima Magazine is celebrating eight years of being a part of the Austin community. We have shared many stories about the everyday hero and we have much more to tell. We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be able to focus on the Black community and the great people that live and thrive in Austin. It is important for us to continue … Continue reading Ujima Magazine Celebrates 8 Years!


What are your thoughts about the words diversity vs. included? Oprah Winfrey has spoken recently stating she would not use diversity in her vocabulary because she had learned from her friend Ava D. that what we, as Black people, are really looking for is to be included. My first thought was being called African American vs. Black debate. I’m personally tired of people giving us  names. I identify … Continue reading Words