Short and Sweet Friday!

Short and Sweet Friday

From Damita

Hello Friends-
This has been a difficult week. Ujima has felt the pain of losing two men to gunfire from police. Alton Sterling from Louisiana and Philando Castile of Minnesota. These two deaths weighed heavy and then last night during a peaceful rally in Dallas Texas a gunman kills five police officers and several other people are hurt. It’s very sad and overwhelming.

Ujima is praying for all involved and is hopeful our world will find peace soon.

Business Resource

Trello logo index

I found Trello through a client I was working with through our Virtual Assistance Services. We used it as a collaborate tool. It was a wonderful way to assign task and everyone involved could see what needed to be done and communicate on the project.

I have since used it for the magazine and I love organizing things that need to be done and I can visually see it being that I’m a visual learner.

You create and organize boards, collaborate and keep things flowing so you can get things done without a lot of stress.

Let me know if you tried it or use it and what your experience has been.


Laptop HNCK9016

Ujima’s Stories of the Week

Shout Out Wednesday!

National Minority Mental Health Month



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Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine




2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet Friday!

  1. Hey! Our mutual friend just introduced me to Trello yesterday. I have opened an account and am trying to find my way around it. So far it looks golden! Will let you know how it turns out!

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