Friday Wrap

It's Friday

First, friends I was not able to post Healthy Thursday yesterday because I was a bit under the weather. I’m still not feeling 100% but I will be okay. So I’m adding a healthy tip to this wrap up.

Healthy Living Thursday

Zika. What Do You Know?

I have been concerned about Zika since I heard about it. I wrote this post on May 25, 2016 because there was a lot of talk about the upcoming Olympics and some athletes were making a decision as to whether to attend or not. This is general information to give you some idea of what Zika is all about. As we know, it has gotten worse in the US with just these week mosquitos carrying the Zika virus was found in Florida and Texas. I hope this post will give you some awareness and general information about the virus.

What Do You Know About Zika?

New Post This Week

Visit Ujima Magazine at Ujima Magazine

*5 Things I Learned This Month

This is a new thing I plan to write about more in different list type post.

Labor Day Weekend

I will be celebrating my birthday on Labor Day. I’m thankful to be celebrating another year and I’m looking forward to enjoying the day with good food and adult beverages. Have a safe celebration everyone!

Labor Day History

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