Friday Wrap!


Did you have a great Labor Day? I did. It just so happens my birthday was on the same day. I enjoyed good food and some adult beverages. 🙂

Ujima is also celebrating a birthday. We have been a part of the Austin community for 8 years. Yes, we may look a little different, but we are still going strong.
All month we will celebrate by sharing some of our old issues from our archive.

Laptop HNCK9016


September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

A League Of Her Own

Ujima Celebrate 8 years

Read all of this stories at


In the next few months, we will start a Coffee with Damita series on Mondays.It will either be a post or a video. I will be discussing fun things, Ujima Magazine and things ahead for the week. If you have questions you want us to address, please email them to and we will answer your question. I’m not a fan of video with me on it. But it’s a comfort zone thing so in order for me to grow, I will take a leap of faith and just do it.

I will be interviewing new people of interest in our community and sharing their stories.

I will be looking for two interns for our social media platforms and a general writer/reporter.
As you can see, there are things going on behind the scenes and we will keep you updated as we go along.
Please celebrate our birthday with us by reading our magazines from our archive and taking a walk down memory lane with us. Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and our FB Page.

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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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