Safety Tips for your Fur Baby during Halloween

Dogs Halloween

If you are a pet parent you are always concerned about your fur baby being safe during the holiday season. They are sometimes overwhelmed by new people, noise and all the stimulation that comes with it.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Some furbies are use to dressing up and being among the chaos but even with that, as a pet parent you have to keep them safe. The ASPCA has provided some tips to remember as you celebrate Halloween tomorrow.

-Make sure you keep the candy away from your dog! Most candy is toxic for them, especially chocolate of any kind.

-Keep wires and decorations out of reach.

-Watch the costumes you put on your fur baby. Make sure they are comfortable and wearing the cosutem doesn’t cause them stress. If you do put on a costume, make sure it doesn’t limit their movement , sight or ability to move. Make sure they try it on several times before tomorrow night.

-Keep your fur babies calm and identifiable. Make sure your pets wear proper identification. Make sure as you open the door to strangers, that your fur baby is relax and calm.

I hope this tips will help you have a safe and fun Halloween with your fur babies because they are a part of our families.


Happy  Halloween

Damita Miller-Shanklin


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