October Marks National Code Compliance Month

This October, the Austin Code Department (ACD) celebrates the annual National Code Compliance Month. During the month ACD welcomes the public to reflect on the work done by the code inspectors who help ensure our collective health and safety.

 Code Compliance month is part of a national campaign to raise awareness about how to keep land and buildings safe. A key part of code compliance are the code professionals who throughout the year raise awareness and address potential hazards in the community.

The Austin Code Department maintains a balance between code compliance and code enforcement by identifying dangerous and substandard conditions and implementing programs to ensure a minimum standard is met. The department investigates over 35,000 cases for potential code violations per year throughout the city.

The Code Month education campaign will help raise awareness of the department’s work and how the community can help keep Austin safe. By engaging with the code department’s website and social media, citizens can learn more about code compliance and how they can contribute to the process.

“Every day the department works towards our mission of building a safer and greater Austin together through code education, collaboration, and enforcement,” said ACD Director José G. Roig. “The annual Code Compliance Month gives us and the entire Austin community the chance to celebrate the work we’ve done together to help keep Austin a safe place to call home.”

For more information on Austin Code Month, please visit austintexas.gov/code.

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