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Damita Miller-Shanklin Grovey moved to Austin overten years ago. He has beenhere long enough that heconsiders himself anAustinite. He started writing inelementary school. It startedbecause of an assignmentfrom his teacher. One of thegreatest teachers was histhird grade teacher, Mrs.Armstrong. “What alwayssticks out to me and what Ialways tell people is whenshe wanted us to do awriting assignment aboutpoetry, she said,” if you like rap, you … Continue reading A CONVERSATION WITH AUTHOR JACOB GROVEY


by Jacquie Johnson, founder of Jacquie ooh Black men have been beaten down since the beginning, subjected to mental and physical torture during slavery and now at the hands of their jobs, the media, and even the police. This constant beating is literally exhausting.  Throughout history, black women have always been a source of stability and support for our men. We are mothers, wives, grandmothers, … Continue reading BUILDING UP, NOT TEARING DOWN

[April Issue] Alexander Williams: Aura Rainwater for the Mind, Body, and Soul

By Damita Miller-Shanklin The April Issue of Ujima Magazine is about Black Men making a difference in their communities by sharing their talents to make a difference. Read our feature story highlighting Alexander Williams, owner of Aura Rainwater. Correction to Story: The correct email for Aura Rainwater is Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Continue reading [April Issue] Alexander Williams: Aura Rainwater for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Getting Ready For Spring

Mary Linnen, Editor Getting ready includes preparing your physical health and your mental health for the end of one season and the beginning of the next one.  As you prepare for your Spring cleaning do you have self care on your list ?  Sounds a little ridiculous but it’s really needed.  Self care is not one size fits all.  Everyone has to do what fits … Continue reading Getting Ready For Spring