Black Lives Matter

We became the insults of your dreams as we walked the earth for historic dreams that became lifeless. Searching for truth we encountered the cutting blades of your fierce anarchy that pushed us further. Holding fast the courage of our ancestors we divided the minds of our captors for bread of soldier’s blood. Black Lives Matter when we become the history of life that portrays … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

An Inspiring Motivator With A Love Of Technology 

Kai Dupe has been with Ujima Magazine since the beginning. He was on the cover in 2009, sharing his passion of blacks in technology. He then became a contributing writer and has been our technology writer, since that time. If you have read any of his articles, you know how passionate he is about stopping the digital divide for our black communities, especially our young … Continue reading An Inspiring Motivator With A Love Of Technology 

Thank You To Ujima’s Contributors

You have heard the saying that you can’t do things by yourself. You always need help along the way. Well, Ujima Magazine is no different. We want to celebrate all the people who have taken time out their life to share their insight about the world, their poetry, people who they find of interest and their passions. To all of you that have written and … Continue reading Thank You To Ujima’s Contributors

[New Post] Springtime

Is there any excitement within life? I mean true excitement beyond a superficial moment which is often used to base one’s view of oneself, others, and life in general. The point is so profound in that many view each season as a transition point in time versus a growth element of time. What does life really mean? Is the meaning centered on what you have … Continue reading [New Post] Springtime