[New Post] Publisher’s Note

I’m ready for Spring and I hope you are as well. I love colorful flowers, especially Sunflowers, because they make me smile and feel good. I hope your March will be full of color and joy. The city is buzzing and there will be a lot to enjoy. Get out and live life. Ujima is transitioning into Spring! @meintheatx, #ujimamagazine, #paigeturna, #spring, #livelife, #colorfulflowers, #happiness … Continue reading [New Post] Publisher’s Note

[New Post] Damita’s Note: Love and Celebration

As I write this note, I’m thinking of February being the month of love and the celebration of Black History Month. Love is really important to me and my family, especially right now. I lost my sister last month. This month will be spent remembering her and the love we shared as sisters. This has been a very difficult time. However, she reminded me tomorrow … Continue reading [New Post] Damita’s Note: Love and Celebration

Publisher’s Note

I’m off and running. It’s January 2015 and I’m excited about what lies ahead. Ujima continues to evolve and we love the challenge and the fun. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and sharing their stories that will enhance our community. This month Ujima is focusing on renewal, refreshing ourselves and moving ahead. Look for stories that will help you start your year feeling … Continue reading Publisher’s Note