What Are You Passionate About?

    As we finish up the first week of the New Year, we have a fresh opportunity to reach a never before set and targeted goal.  No more creating New Year resolutions that may not pan out. It’s time to set goals that are personal and meaningful to the pursuit of our passions in life. Stop chasing your goals and move toward them using … Continue reading What Are You Passionate About?

Check. Change. Control.

Sports is known as a way for men to bond and get together. Darrell Barnett has taken that idea a step further. He is using basketball to reach Black men and improve their health. Barnett is with the Public Health Department Health Equity Unit. I heard about and had to share information about this great program he’s doing to assist men, especially Black men, to … Continue reading Check. Change. Control.

Networking Like A Pro with Anthony Abron – The Magnetic Networker™

If you are a new entrepreneur or you been in business for a while, you have heard about the importance of networking. There are people that find networking to be intimidating and difficult to master others find to be an open door to connecting to new people and prospects. The bottom line is if you do not network, at some level, your business will not … Continue reading Networking Like A Pro with Anthony Abron – The Magnetic Networker™