Viewpoint: The Changing of the Guard

This holiday is going to be new and different. We have been moving toward this change in the last two to three years. My mother had stopped cooking years ago and my oldest sister had started taking her place. But this year, the family transition is completely changing.  I’ve had major changes this year and it’s all difficult, but I know wherever my family lands, … Continue reading Viewpoint: The Changing of the Guard

National Bullying Month

Bullying is something that follows you into adulthood. No one talks about that. I personally know the effects of being bullied at a young age. It has framed who I am and how I go about dealing with people in my life. Check out this great article written by Has bullying affected your life? If so, share your experience of how being bullied effects … Continue reading National Bullying Month

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Viewpoint From the Editor-in-Chief

Damita Miller-Shanklin In the June issue, I spoke about this month being our entry into the summer. We all have been staying inside, working from home or being on the front line helping others in our community. We are now slowing emerging into the sunlight and watching our world moving once again. It’s a slow pace in my view, but moving just the same. June … Continue reading Viewpoint From the Editor-in-Chief