Rebirth and Renew Yourself In April  

April has arrived and with it Spring has sprung as well. My favorite thing about Spring is watching the flowers begin to grow and come alive. April is always a re-birth and a time to renew my life and the things around me. I have been getting outdoors and enjoying all the flowers and sunlight. If you want to enjoy a walk and surround yourself … Continue reading Rebirth and Renew Yourself In April  

[Fashion] Korto Momolu~ Fashion Designer. Family. Mom.

I love Austin Fashion Week. When you look at all the beautiful fashions it just makes you feel good. I’m always amazed at the details and the creativity the designers are able to showcase in their fashions. I have been a fan of Korto Momolu since she first appeared on Season 5 of Project Runaway. I had the opportunity to speak with her about her … Continue reading [Fashion] Korto Momolu~ Fashion Designer. Family. Mom.

[New Post] Publisher’s Journal

Growing up I would hear the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” The saying always made me smile because I love colorful
 flowers, especially Sunflowers.  When I think of April, I think of the beautiful Martin birds come to lay their eggs and have their children in a nest by my front door. I look forward to the two families each year. I also  think … Continue reading [New Post] Publisher’s Journal