[Fashion] Korto Momolu~ Fashion Designer. Family. Mom.

I love Austin Fashion Week. When you look at all the beautiful fashions it just makes you feel good. I’m always amazed at the details and the creativity the designers are able to showcase in their fashions. I have been a fan of Korto Momolu since she first appeared on Season 5 of Project Runaway. I had the opportunity to speak with her about her fashion evolution and her future.

Korto Momolu and Son
Korto Momolu and Son

Ujima: Can you describe the feeling of watching your designs go down the runway?

Korto: Honestly, that it’s done and relief. Now on to the next.

Ujima: How or what inspires your designs?

Korto: My mood. I feel like my my mood is indirectly involved. When I look back at the time I created something and what was going on in my life I say I don’t know why I created that but then I remember. I recently renewed my vows and this collection is bridal. I’m very spiritual and I pray a lot. I’ve been getting a lot of calls about doing bridal; so I decided to created my own signature line. Also I’m doing non-traditional looks. It’s a way of thinking out of the box from the traditional bridal dresses.

Ujima: How has your designs evolved since 2008 when you were first on Project Runway ?

Korto: I have done so much. I follow the direction that I’m told too because sometimes we try to fit into spaces we can’t fit in. But I pray a lot and I ask God to lead me where I need to go to and it just works.

Ujima: How do you like showing at Austin Fashion Week?

Korto: Its awesome! The production is great and Matt Swinney is a good producer.  Here you are treated very well and so much work is done prior to the show that people don’t see. Daniel Esquivel gave me the referral to come. He said he had good people here and you trust another designer because he knows how you want to be treated. Your designs are your babies and the team behind the show know how to treat them. I will come back as long as they ask me.

Ujima: Do you have any future projects our readers can look for?

Korto: I will be definitely launching my bridal line later this fall. I will be doing fashion week with Michael Knight this fall. It will be a double show with him. We know what we went through and what it takes so we mentor each other. I will continue traveling and doing shows across the country, keeping my family together and still being mama.
Ujima Magazine wants to thank Korto Momolu for taking the time to speak with us and for Austin Fashion Week staff for assisting us in coordinating the interview. See y’all next year!!

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