It’s Shout Out Wednesday!

Resource: CreateHer Stock Why The Shout Out? Are you are a blogger for your business or your personal blog? If you are like me you are always looking for photos that represent your content, brand and look like you. What I mean is as a black writer and founder of a black magazine, I want photos of black people My prayers were answered! I … Continue reading It’s Shout Out Wednesday!

Austin Is Bursting With Fashion This Week!

    Austin Fashion Week has begun. I love to see what the designers will share this year. We have attended for several years and we can actually see change and fashion innovation that keeps us returning. There is plenty of activities to participate in around Austin but Ujima will focus on Thursday and Friday runway shows. On both Thursday and Friday evenings there will be … Continue reading Austin Is Bursting With Fashion This Week!

Rebirth and Renew Yourself In April  

April has arrived and with it Spring has sprung as well. My favorite thing about Spring is watching the flowers begin to grow and come alive. April is always a re-birth and a time to renew my life and the things around me. I have been getting outdoors and enjoying all the flowers and sunlight. If you want to enjoy a walk and surround yourself … Continue reading Rebirth and Renew Yourself In April  

Are You Ready To Win the Texas Plus America Pageant?

Ujima Magazine had the opportunity to get behind the scenes information for potential candidates interested in the Texas Plus America Pageant. We all see the end results of young women walking the runaway, participating in the interview portion, evening gown, and receiving the crown and sash. This is about how to become involved. This is a series of stories where you will hear from different … Continue reading Are You Ready To Win the Texas Plus America Pageant?

Are You Protecting Yourself?

The summer is upon us. Many people are hitting the beaches and spending more time outside in the sweltering heat. But are you protecting yourself from sunburn and heat related illnesses? We all have to protect our skin. I heard a myth that Black people do not have to protect their skin. This is not true. Everyone is subject to sunburn when you are out … Continue reading Are You Protecting Yourself?