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Indoor Garden

Mary Linnen YES YOU CAN HAVE A GARDENINDOORS! To plant your indoor vegetable garden you’ll want to followthese simple steps: Step 1: Moisten the soil. Fill yourtray or pot with soil. Step 2: 1 or 2 seeds per pod.Add your desired seed to each pod. Step 3: Cover seeds. Cover the seeds with some soil. Step 4: Water. Add some water over the top. Another … Continue reading Indoor Garden

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Thanking Our Sponsor: Estrada’s Cleaners!!

Estrada’s Cleaners has been a sponsor of Ujima Magazine for many years. They provide excellent services for cleaning your clothes and more. If you need a special outfit cleaned for an event or you just want your shirts and jeans looking crisp and neat, you want to go to Estrada’s Cleaners. Ask them about their Tuesday Special as well. Estrada’s Cleaners is family owned and … Continue reading Thanking Our Sponsor: Estrada’s Cleaners!!

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By Minister Sonya Hosey “Mental health needs more sunlight, candor, andunashamed conversation.”– Glenn Close I am unashamed to saythat I dealt with threedeaths, all within a yearand a half – my sisterand two nieces. At onepoint, I thought after onedeath, I could breatheagain; two more tookmy breath away. I recently went to asalon, and the Nail Techand I began chit-chatting. Curious, I asked how Asianculture … Continue reading SHE SPEAKS WELLNESS: CAN WE TALK 4REAL?

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When kindness is a way of life, we don’task ourselves, “what’s in it for me?” Wechoose to be kind not because of anypersonal gain, but because it aligns with ourvalues and principles. Serving others helps us toshift our focus away from our own concerns andcircumstances. Kindness possesses the ability togenerate long-lasting joy within us and those wetouch. Additionally, being kind has the potentialto bring happiness … Continue reading BUILDING UP!

[March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.

The March issue of Ujima is about ensuring we understand the world around us is trying to push our history out of society. We have to ensure we are not erased from the history books and we continue to be recognized and we receive equality and justice. Ms. Olyvia Green, a Educator, gives her opinion about education today and what needs to happen for our … Continue reading [March Issue] Our Education. Our History. We Can Not Be Erased.