Distant Love

Falling from the grace of true love, the hearts of the land are compromised without dissimulation’s. Grieving in the night because the flame of love has drowned in sheets bewailing for romance to bloom. No longer considered worthy of hands to hold, tears are met with domestic struggles of innocence. Searching for ways to infiltrate the fallow grounds of life, love is blinded by riches … Continue reading Distant Love

[New Post] Damita’s Note: Love and Celebration

As I write this note, I’m thinking of February being the month of love and the celebration of Black History Month. Love is really important to me and my family, especially right now. I lost my sister last month. This month will be spent remembering her and the love we shared as sisters. This has been a very difficult time. However, she reminded me tomorrow … Continue reading [New Post] Damita’s Note: Love and Celebration