Acutonics Tuning Forks

Vernon Bailey

You may be wondering what is Acutonics? I understand. I had not heard of it myself until today. I had the opportunity to meet with Vernon Bailey who specializes in Acutonics. Mr. Bailey’s full story will be in an upcoming issue of Ujima Magazine but I wanted to share my experience today because you may want to try it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Acutonics uses thin calibrated tuning forks to stimulate points along your chi, otherwise known as your energy meridians relieving discomfort that then allows the body to heal ( This massage technique is safe, gentle and  appropriate for a wide range of conditions such as allergies, sprains, post strokes and much more.

I admit I was a little nervous about doing the massage. Even though we had talked, I still did not clearly understand what the process entailed but decided to open myself up for a new experience. I am so glad I did. When I arrived for the interview, I was very tense and stressed. I had been thinking about my to do list, family and everything else in between. But when Bailey finished using the tuning forks on my shoulders, head, forehead and arms, I was a new person. You really have to experience it in order to understand the full effect. What he does is use a band with a hard surface where he hits the tuning spoons to get the vibration and sound wave. What really surprised me was he immediately knew I was very stressed in my shoulder area and that I did not drink water. I asked how did he know that. His response was “I feel the heat from the tuning forks.” There is also a massage component where your fingers and arm are massaged. Bailey explained what areas was being effected by the fingers he moved.

This is just quick look of what Acutonics can do for a person. Again, when I left I felt light, happy and the stress and baggage I felt walking in the door was gone when I walked out. If you would like to try this technique, please give Vernon Bailey a call at 512-420-0808. He is currently located at 26 Bones Foot Spa. Bailey is the only person doing the Acutonics in Austin. If you want a different option to feel healthier, this may be a good option for you. It can work well with your current health regimen.

If you do try it, please let me know how you felt afterwards. I know you will be greatly surprised.

Damita Miller-Shanklin, is the Publisher of Ujima Magazine and the Host of Ujima TV.

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