Shelley Kaplar: Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge

Shelley Kaplar
Shelley Kaplar

In keeping with our health and wellness issue, I was able to sit down with Shelley Kaplar who is a Yoga teacher, a Massage Therapist and a Body by Vi health challenge educator. She is a true advocate for health and feeling good.  Here is our conversation.

UM: What is the name of your business?
SK: The name of my business is Sahaja Wellness. Sahaja means the natural in Sanskrit.

UM:  What is Body by Vi and how did you get involved?
SK: Body by Vi is a 90 day health challenge geared towards any and all goals. You get to decide what your 90 day challenges will be. I was first approached by a very good friend of mine about it and said “no, I don’t do those things.” I started researching the product and company more seriously after I partially tore my ACL. I liked what I saw from the nutritional end and they way they structured The Challenge, plus that it was safe for any age group as well as pregnant and nursing moms. My weight crept up 184lbs after my injury, and I had sworn that I would never see over 200lbs again. I had my boyfriend look at it from the business side and he said this was a sound concrete company, so we made the decision to become promoters. I also love that this is not a diet!

UM: What is the Body by Vi challenge and the benefits?
SK: When you lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscle, the company on your behalf then donates a bag of shake mix (30 meals) to an at risk or obese child to a charity within your local area. We have a National Vi-cares day every year. We were at the Round Rock serving center (one of our local charities) and I saw families putting off picking up their food allotment to come back when the shake mix was in the pantry. The next day there was this little girl of about 6-7 yrs old. She went running full tilt to the end of the pantry, picked up the shake mix off the shelf and said “mom I’ve got our shake mix!” Her mom told her she had to wait they still had the isles to go through before getting to the end. This little girl stomped her foot and while pouting said “but mom, what if it’s gone? We need this!” My heart melted knowing that this was so much bigger than I realized on the lives I/we help. The being it’s are when you lose a child wins and we in turn lower the rate of childhood obesity. The benefits that I have seen in my clients are improved skin tone/health, lowered cholesterol meds to coming off all together, improved sleep patterns, lowered blood sugar meds to coming off all together, less joint pain, increased energy, new hair growth, stronger nails and teeth, just to name a few. I’m not making medical claims, these are just the results I’ve seen within my clients doing their 90 day challenges.
UM: What are the basic steps for someone to get started?
SK: We discuss what their goals are and then look at the 2 kits that will give them success with their goals.
UM: How do you help a client that uses Body by Vi? What does the process look like?
SK: I keep in contact with my client, provide them with the recipe links so there is never a shortage of flavor options. When they start seeing a plateau, as this is a common reaction by the body, we then look at snacks to incorporate into the day. As things progress and tastes change, I can also help looking at different meal plans to fit the clients lifestyle. The one thing I don’t do is come in and make drastic changes and take out things from people’s diets. I don’t believe in denying yourself things or taking all the bad out. This is where the cravings come in and then as we all know the “diet” ends because we feel we failed. This is not a diet, this is fun and when your nutritional platform starts stabilizing the cravings and tastes will start changing on their own. I still enjoy chocolate and French fries, just not together. I don’t believe in the sink or swim way do doing things, I’m am available for all of my clients and it’s their goals that are important to me.

UM: What is the best way for our readers to contact you if they are interested in learning more about the product?
SK: I can be reached either by phone 512-934-1101, or email
UM: Is there anything else you would like to mention that I may have forgotten?
SK: This is the most simplistic and fun program that I’ve ever found and the taste of the product tastes like cake. Who doesn’t like cake? It’s easy with no restrictions, weight ins, iron clad structure. You can still enjoy life and foods you enjoy.


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