What Is Your Response To FEAR?

Dr AJohnsonWhat is your response to Fear? After all everyone experiences its subtle or unexpected appearance at some point in time in life. Many have faced fear and thought to have conquered it only to see it resurface during a future situation. What do you do when what you have so-called buried away knocks at your door? Indeed the fear can be attached to a person, place, or thing. What do you do; run, hide, or attempt to ignore the situation in your mind?… Unbeknownst to many, fear and the fear of the unknown holds individuals’ hostage in shallow waters…The question is where do you stand? Are you attempting to live covering up the obvious? For it has been proven that actions do speak louder than words. Are you standing on the shore of decompensation; limited by your continual emotional complex defined by fear? Or do you stand in deep waters of an in-depth awareness of the potentiality which resides within you and in each life encounter? Is your fear a person, place, or thing or are you actually afraid of yourself? Therefore, your greatest hindrance in life has become you…

Remember Fear can limit you but Confidence can Propel You…
[Contributing Writer] Anthony L. Johnson, Ph.D. is a professor, psychotherapist, relationship consultant, leadership strategist and author of To Be Determined, Relationship Terminology, and Strategic Planning and Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations. He educates, empowers, mentors, and motivates change in organizations and in the lives of many individuals and families and has done so for over 20 years. Dr. Johnson can be reached at aj@anthonyjohnsonphd.com or (469) 831-4603 for seminars, speaking engagements, and book signings. Also, stay updated with Dr. Johnson’s work via the web at http://www.anthonyjohnsonphd.com including information on his next publication Leadership by Day and Reflections by Night which is scheduled for release 2015.

Posted by Damita Miller-Shanklin


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