Passion to Purpose, PG-15

Adolph Headshot 2014-12-27_21.32.30“With the two hands that you have, one is for holding onto the precious moments of the present, while the other should be an open palm for the hopes of the future. Therefore, there’s no hand left to hold onto the past.”

As the New Year begins, we have a fresh opportunity to reach for never before set and targeted goals. No more creating New Years’ resolutions that may or may not pan out. It’s time to set goals that are personal and meaningful to the pursuit of our passions in life. Stop chasing your goals and move toward them using your passions as the vehicle.

What are you passionate about? What would you do for free? What are some of your internal creative expressions yearning to be released and shared with others? What do you do in your passion time? Name and claim your passion time daily. As with “Build it and they will come”, if we pursue our passions our goals will follow.

Finding one’s passion and living it daily is the best that anyone can do in their life. I believe we all have many passions that lie within us. I hope that everyone can express their creative passions to reach desired goals. Once we find and begin to work in our passions over a period of time, it will lead us to obtaining greater goals. Thus this will add a larger component of success to our lives that will not only stimulate us but will make a great impact on others.

Set great big goals! Your goals should cause all who hear them to doubt their attainment. There’s no goal too big to be realized. But there are many so small that there’s no room to mobilize. Conceive, believe, achieve and the attainment of your goals is coming to a future near you! Passions to Goals 2015! Conceiving is thought; believing is action while achieving is results. You don’t have to be great at pursuing your passions to reach your goals. You just have to be passionate about the pursuit. Our desired future outcome is created by disciplined focus, a determining factor with a willing decision to fail toward our goals.

Hindrances to setting and pursuing goals

Fear– Fear is a key component to achieving success. It can paralyze, cripple or mobilize. Paralysis causes us not to move. Crippling allows getting part of the way there. And mobilization leads to victory.

Past Failures– In order to become a success, one has to become a successful failure. Achievers don’t just survive in the setbacks and failures of the past; they thrive in the learning from them. If we remind ourselves of the failures from our past it clouds our today. However, if we focus on the many possibilities of success for today then our days are clearly brighter.

Helps to achieving your goals

Partners– people with likeminded passions and goals or those who want to help you accomplish yours

Mentors– thoughtful companions who help advise and strategize potential achievements

Influencers– people who know a lot of people and who like connecting others to create a greater impact for dreamers and achievers.

Social Media-a free way to promote your messaging for your passions and goals.

Don’t cheat this upcoming year of its reward. Dare to be great by pursuing your passions on your way to achieving your goals. No matter where you are on this journey of following your passions it’s the beginning of understanding the need to give out to the world your talents and gifts. I believe everyone has these inside of them. My hope is that all who hear this message will proceed on their journey to passionately pursue their goals. If we accomplish higher than previously expected goals are not only beneficial to you, but all of society. Passion Saying 1157525_10151656135664965_606766064_n1

Take your leap of faith on those desired passions and goals that’s been inside of you, waiting to be released and shared.
In all that you do in 2015, Bring the Passion and Achieve Your Goals! PG-15.

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Adolph Evans, is a contributing writer to Ujima Magazine. He is a motivational speaker and connector of people.

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