Destinee Duncan, Designer of Glossy Girls Fashion


safari 2015 2(1)I first met Destinee and her mother Danette Duncan at the 2014 Austin Fashion Week show. When I saw this cute little girl and her models walk down the runway and it was announced that Destinee was the designer, I got so excited. I knew I had to speak to her and her mom. I immediately went over and introduced myself to both of them.

I spoke with Destinee and her mother via phone to find out more about her business Glossy Girls.

Ujima: When did you start Glossy Girls? Age?

Destinee: I was 8 years years old. Two years ago. I started making purses first then clothes.

Ujima: How did you get into design at such a young age?

Destinee: I started sketching my designs and then my mom and dad made the line come to life. They found a seamstress to make them.

Ujima: So Destinee, how do you come up with your designs? What is your process?

Destinee: I start by sketching out the design then I choose the color (s), and then show my parents. The design is made and then I show them at fashion shows.

Ujima: What is the most fun you have as a designer? What do you find to be the hardest? Destinee Friend safari 2015 14

Destinee: I have fun sketching and having my own clothes. I like designing clothes for myself and what I like to wear. The fashion shows are fun but getting into fashion shows is probably the hardest.

Ujima: So mom, what advice would you give another parent whose child has shown a special talent? How did you cultivate Destinee’s talent?

Danette: Anything your child shows interest in help them follow through and encourage them. We sacrifice a lot for Destinee to do everything but as a family we stand behind her. She is a busy actress as well. She had scenes in commercials, as well as homework, so we work to balance all her activities but school is first. It is also helpful that she can get her homework wherever she is. She still has fun she enjoys Chuck E Cheese.

Ujima: What would you tell another young girl that has a dream such as you?

Destinee: I would say never give up, follow your dream, and keep going the extra mile.

Ujima: How did you like showing your designs at AFW?

Danette: It was fun. We learned about Austin Fashion Week from some model friends. Because of Destinee’s age Matt Swinney, the Founder, had to get approval from the board for her to participate. She also thanks her community who help raise the $2500 designer fee which allowed her to attend and present her designs.

Ujima: So what has Destinee and Glossy Girls been up to since we spoke back in May? Bring us up to date.

Danette: Destinee did 2 big shows in October The ‘Fire and Ice Tres” show and also Fashion Week Dallas Preview show which she showed a sneak peek of her 2015 Spring Safari Line. In December she will be doing a show in Houston, Texas called “Life is But a Dream Fairytale” event where she designed 10 formal gowns for little girls from her 2015 line “Disney Princesses Gone Glossy”. She will have a break for 2 months and will start shows back up in March 2015 with new designs for “Fashion Week Dallas”.

May 2015 she will be producing her own runway show with the help of us her parents. The show is called “Glossy Girls Walk the Runway Event” promoting youth girls empowerment, which will be in Flint, Michigan where Destinee was born and raised. The city has suffered tremendously with high crime rate and no jobs! So Destinee wanted to do something nice for the city of Flint and give young aspiring models the opportunity to participate in her show ripping the runway modeling her “Glossy Girls” clothing line. Destinee-Duncan-Headshot-06

She has also started up a fundraiser for the girls to raise money to buy gift cards to go toward a photography photo session so they can start up there modeling portfolio.

If you would like to follow Destinee and Glossy Girls, you can find her on Instagram @glossyglirls85 and Facebook at

Ujima will continue to follow the career of Destinee and Glossy Girls. We congratulate her on all she has done thus far. Good luck in the future and with everything you do.

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