20150228_211121What a great performance I witnessed last night! The show was magnificent! I’ve seen this play approximately 7 times over the years. This recent showing blew me away. Each year the cast, writing and production gets better in all phases. I’m proud to say that all participating cast members have grown and elevated this uplifting and motivating play to higher heights.

The Who I Am; Celebrating Me production aspires to promote unity and appreciation of all ethnic groups. To encourage students to be the change and use their artistic voice to accomplish goals in the classroom, at home and in their community.

Their goal is to use art as a vehicle to educate communities of all races about unsung heroes of the African-American culture. Their hardships triumphs and ability to overcome hundreds of years of oppression. This information is not just for youth but also to help adults gain additional knowledge about African-American history.

The annual Who I Am; Celebrating Me production has helped businesses throughout the Portland community. Nonprofits, corporations, public and private schools have all benefited. Celebrating black history month through engaging, informative and powerfully uplifting performances, educators and community members alike say this is the best show in town.

There were performances highlighting Martin Luther King, Malcolm X., W.E.B. Dubois and other visionary leaders and innovators from black history. Included are great tribute performances to Michael Jackson, past and current gospel artist, hip-hop and many other entertainers from our history. I especially like the “You Rock My World” dance.

I hope that this play one day can tour the US and beyond!

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Review by Adolph Evans

Posted by Damita Miller-Shanklin