[New Post] A Moment In History

navigating transitionWhat does time mean to you? The reoccurring inquiry of time is needed especially when we take a look at what time has surfaced in our lives. For some, good memories, for others depressing memories, and for others the memories are yet to be determined. Is time only a mere occurrence? Is time only centered on you being awakened each morning to a new day? Thus, you feel it is your opportunity to remain enclosed in your individual world and to live and do as you please. If the thought is not expressed it is noticeably lived out by many. If your mind holds the perspective to seek individual satisfaction then time is expressed by you and within your life with a great limitation. Think about it…. From the elementary years, children are taught the concept of time in reference to history and meaning centered on the ancient times, the current, and the upcoming. Indeed the reference does not age but remains constant in that each moment of our lives is an expression of history.

Might I ask?… What is your history? Is it a moment of reflection engulfed by tears but lacks the passion and capacity to progress to higher heights and deeper depths? Where is your history? Is it sitting on your mantle as a remembrance of what others have encountered? Therefore, you live in silence painting the picture of being a life-long victim. Moreover, maybe it is locked inside of you and therefore you limit the present or future from unfolding more for you, your family, or your community. Think about this…. Time and history are connected as both reveal the past, the present, and the future. Furthermore, time and history are embedded in all of us. As a result, if we do not expand with time, we offend history and limit it to what was versus all that it can be. So in reflection this day is your moment….for each day is your moment in history. old-time-clock

Anthony L. Johnson, Ph.D. is a professor, clinical psychotherapist, relationship consultant, leadership strategist and author of To Be Determined,Relationship Terminology, and Strategic Planning and Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations. He educates, empowers, mentors, and motivates change in organizations and in the lives of many individuals and families and has done so for over 20 years. Dr. Johnson can be reached at aj@anthonyjohnsonphd.com or     (469) 831-4603 for seminars, speaking engagements, and book signings. Also, stay updated with Dr. Johnson’s work via the web at http://www.anthonyjohnsonphd.com including information on his next publication Leadership by Day and Reflections by Night which is scheduled for release 2015.

Dr AJohnson

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3 thoughts on “[New Post] A Moment In History

  1. I wear my history on my sleeve (so to speak.) I’m always sharing stories to connect current experiences with my history.

    This post is filled with awesome questions about what time is and how I define my history. I think it would be a great prompt to add to my journal blog, if you don’t mind may I reference your post for it? Thanks for sharing.


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