From Portland to Austin: Passion to Purpose, Fueled by 10X Goals

“True happiness and joy in life doesn’t occur by playing down to the level of our fears and the expectations of others. It occurs by playing up to the level of our personal goals and dreams.”

Goal Seting 2015-05-11_18.49.57I’d like to share my thoughts in this writing for the blog series on setting goals. Goal setting is the beginning to advancing the mission of one’s pursuit of passions. Once they are set then we can begin the journey of achieving them.

Set Big Goals! Your goals should cause all who hear them to doubt their attainment because they are 10X goals. “If your dreams and goals don’t excite, inspire or motivate others when they hear them, then you need to go bigger.” There’s no goal too big to be realized. But there are many too small that there’s no room to mobilize.

Conceive, believe, achieve and attainment is coming to a future near you! You don’t have to be great at pursuing your goals in order to achieve them. You just have to be passionate about the pursuit.

It’s never too late! Don’t let a late start detour you from reaching your dreams and goals. Drive toward your goals by using your passions as the vehicle.

As I close, don’t let fear or past failures hinder you either. Achievers not only survive from the setbacks and failures of the past, they thrive because of the learning they gain from them.

And on fear, we have a choice as to how we deal with it. One of my best encouraging quotes on the topic. “Fear is a key component to achieving success. It can either paralyze, cripple or mobilize. Paralysis causes us not to move. Crippling allows us to get part of the way there. Where as mobilization grants us victory.”

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Adolph Evans is an contributing writer to Ujima Magazine.

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One thought on “From Portland to Austin: Passion to Purpose, Fueled by 10X Goals

  1. I love what you say about setting big goals. I think that most of the time we limit our goals to something that we think we can achieve. That way we don’t fail. We also don’t grow! So I’m going to take on 10X goals and see what happens. Thanks for posting this.

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