Publisher’s Journal: We Are Halfway There!

Where you ask? Well, I realized that we have made it halfway through the year. Many people stop and review their goals to see how they are doing. Others just keep going and evaluate at the end of the year. If truth be told, I don’t do much of Town Lake Photo 2015-06-18 19.37.45-1either. Everyday I am thinking about my goals, changing them, adapting them, working through them to reach my optimal outcome.

I like goals, I just have a hard time sticking with them. But I have them all the same. Goals are important in our personal and business life. Without goals and looking ahead, we may find ourselves spinning our wheels not moving at all. But with that, the summer is always a time where people relax and enjoy family, travel, not being too hard on their goals. But despite the sunny weather and the call of fun, we have to monitor our goals, make sure we are getting our return on investment and move ahead, especially in business.

Ujima will continue to inspire you with community stories, one from Angel Austin, who owns Austin Mobile Concierge and Dwayne Hills of DHills Photography. I spoke to him about his campaign of #Black Lives Matter. We will share how they are working to make a difference in our community.

Make sure you visit our online site at to read all the new stories and resources. Please share Ujima with your friends and family because we are still a part of the Austin community.

A conceptual look at life or business goals, with similar concepts.

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Embrace Your Community

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Ujima Magazine Publisher

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Austin Area Bloggers

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