Austin Mobile Concierge Serving The Community

Austin Mobile Concierge is a business that fits Angel perfectly. Anyone that knows her understands that she is all about giving back to others and her community. This is what she had to say about her business and her philosophy on life.

AusMob Con Logo AMC4_grandeAustin Mobile Concierge was born because I was on a job for ten years and I was tired. It stressed me out and made me physically sick. I wanted to do something else because I loved Austin and I liked being out in the City and I wanted something that would allow me some flexibility. Austin Mobile Concierge was started in November of 2013 and this was something my husband could do together. Even if it was a side job to our regular jobs, I felt my husband would enjoy the work. So we set up and started.

We did find others job while we wait for the business to grow. We eventually want it to be a full time business but in the meantime, my husband can work the business in the morning and I can work it the evening due to our work schedules. The services we can provide are things like errands, furniture assembly, grocery pickup, medication and cleaners pickup. We can anything.  I find a lot of joy in service and giving people what they need makes me happy.

To show our capacity, one of the biggest jobs we have done building a booth for a company at a trade show at the Convention Center. We had to put the booth together. We had never done this before and we dealt with logistics and problem solved but we got it done. The client was very happy. She gave us a good Yelp review. Again, we can do anything.

In looking at the future one is for us to do the business full time. We want to be a one stop shop. Having an account with local businesses that would use our services for all type of jobs related to their company. We would love business clients that would use our services. Regular and business clients are our market. The challenge I find is letting people know who we are. More so is having people understand the need for the service like Austin Mobile Concierge. When people need to delegate our service is one that could help. Businesses understand it but getting the community as a whole to understand the need is a bit different and a harder to sell.  For a nominal fee, people can get things done and spend more time enjoying life.

How is it to work with my husband? We are night and day, totally opposite, but it works. I am more the administrative part of the business and he is more about letting him get it done. So we may clash a little, but we settle down and listen to each other and compromise. We talk things out and work it out. We couldn’t do the business without each other. We compliment each others talents. We are good team.  ken_and_angel_large

Angel says there is a need for us to let others know that we can’t do things alone. We don’t have to feel like we are alone. There are things in your life that you can get help with so let me know how I can serve you. Especially for women, we give and give of ourselves, but at some point you will not have anything else to give. You can only go so far and you will need somebody to be that person you can talk to about your struggles, pain or  just get a encouraging word.

For more information, visit their website:

and Twitter: @AusMobConcierge

Since the interview, Angel had the launch of her single “Who Can Love Me Like That?” available on Itunes. She will be singing at the 2015 KAZI Summerfest in August. Ujima is very proud of Angel and we are a big supporter of her musical journey. Check out her Life Music House Concerts Facebook page at

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