The Digital Age

Stack of Magazines IMG_3519-600x400When I started Ujima Magazine we were a printed magazine. I enjoyed seeing our work in print and having smiling faces on the cover. With all the fight inside of us, we had to make a change, and it was very difficult.

As a business owner, making tough decisions come almost weekly, if not daily.

The same time we had to make this decision we made a decision to  keep the magazine going but make it cost effective. With a lot of encouragement from our Ujima team the digital age was gaining momentum. Many famous magazines were moving to digital and stopping their printed copy. Just because they were doing it, did not make my decision easy ,because I wanted to keep printing. But we knew in our hearts, due to our revenue, we would have to head into the digital space. I was comforted knowing I was not alone and the biggest joy was Ujima would live on in our community. Yay!

We started our venture into our digital magazines. Do you remember these covers and their stories? Ujima continues to move ahead.

Thanks for celebrating with us this month. Memories make and keep us Thankful and Humble.

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Damita Miller-Shanklin

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